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Ken Linnenbringer started Delta Gases in 1995 with a dream of building a business he could be proud of and call his own.  Since then, he has built the business to 2 locations and into one of the largest Independent Suppliers of Compressed Gases and Welding Supplies in Missouri.  In the over 25 years in business, there are several reasons why Delta Gases has been successful and grown so fast.  The main reason is the dedicated employees.  Another is the loyal customer base that has been built over the years.  When it comes to industry knowledge and customer service, we feel we are as good as anyone.

Delta Gases has an automated fill plant to take care of all your industrial gas needs. We have invested in an automated cylinder tracking system that allows us to know where our cylinders are at all times. No more lost or stolen cylinders. We will scan the cylinders when they leave our dock and when they are returned.

About Delta Gases

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